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Advantages of automotive mold processing technology

1. It is beneficial to improve the precision of mold manufacturing
In the process of mold manufacturing, it is required to produce products with very high precision. In the mold manufacturing industry, the tolerance of the mold should not exceed the range of 1/5 to 1/10, especially for the position where the mold is combined, it has higher precision requirements. In actual production, the relevant personnel have weak safety awareness of CNC machining technology, which leads to the occurrence of irregular operation, inattentiveness and perfunctory operation in production. This kind of concept can easily lead to safety problems and temporarily replace it in production. The phenomenon occurs from time to time, and people who do not master numerical control operation technology and have insufficient operating experience are allowed to produce, resulting in a decline in product quality, which has a great negative impact on production. The application of CNC mold processing technology can improve this situation very well, thereby greatly improving the accuracy of mold production.
2. It is beneficial to improve the production efficiency of mold manufacturing
The competition of enterprises is essentially the competition between efficiency and cost (under the premise of ensuring product quality, of course). The introduction of numerical control technology in the production and development process of modern automobile molds can greatly improve the efficiency of mold production. There are many reasons for affecting production efficiency, such as "acquired disorders caused by congenital deficiencies" in design and development, and production line replacement or shutdown due to lack of procurement materials. Waiting for the material, but the main contradiction of mechanical production is the level of technology. It is not too difficult to grasp the main contradiction and solve it in a targeted manner. It is not too difficult to greatly improve the production efficiency.
3. Improve the standardized manufacturing of molds
In mold manufacturing, different types of molds have great differences in structural characteristics, forms, materials, etc., among which the differences in structural form are the most critical. The manufacture of molds is not mass-produced, but single-room production. As a result, it is often difficult to produce molds that are exactly the same. In mold manufacturing, the relevant technical standards and specifications must be strictly followed, and the manufacturing work must be carried out reasonably.